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Celebrating 23 Years Serving South Florida

Celebrating 23 Years Serving South Florida

Tech Tips

Tech Tips

Mar 17

Written by: Gerry
3/17/2014 11:59 AM 

 Why don’t You take care of the one you have !!


Residential central air conditioners in our climate are designed to operate 2,500 hours each year on average.  If you drove at 60 MPH for 2,500 hours you would go 150,000 miles.  Would you do that without maintenance?

 If you are not willing to do that to your car, why would you do it to your A/C?

 If you can drive 150, 000 miles without maintenance, I will buy you a new ac.

  So why should you expect your ac to run 2,500 hours without breaking down.  You cannot stop breakdowns from happening, but you can make it easier on yourself.

 Contact me for more info and I will tell you what you can do. 954.783.8012.


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