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Jan 19

Written by: Gerry
1/19/2012 11:26 AM 


I would like to share an interesting phone call I just got with you. I was speaking with a mortgage broker who is trying to rehab abandoned homes and sell them with Energy Efficient Mortgages. When I was networking a lot, I asked every realtor and mortgage broker I met if they were aware of Energy Efficient Mortgages and the answer was no.  He found us through Google because we used to be energy raters for the state of Florida. Then, I had to give him the bad news – we dropped that part of the business because nobody in South Florida is interested in energy efficiency. In the seven years, we were energy raters we did about three ratings and looked at three homes. Every builder we talked to was not interested. When we found a builder who was interested they balked at the additional cost.


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