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Celebrating 23 Years Serving South Florida

Celebrating 23 Years Serving South Florida

Tech Tips

Tech Tips

Sep 27

Written by: Gerry
9/27/2016 4:06 PM 

 That's a good question.

If you have lived in south Florida for a while, then you've noticed... it's hot! And it's muggy. We live in one of the most humid parts on the US.

With such high humidity, our A/C equipment is working overtime to remove that moisture that's in the air. That is one of the expectations we have from our A/C system... to cool us down and dry us out. Surely you've noticed that when you pour a nice tall glass of iced tea and set it on the patio table, after a few minutes it has become covered with drops of water. The moisture in the surrounding air has condensed on the glass due to the low temperature of the glass. That's the same principle going on in your air conditioner, except that your A/C coil will produce a LOT more water than that glass will.

Of course, the ring of water left by the glass can just be wiped up and all is well. Your A/C unit has a lot more water to get rid of. The drainage pipe (condensate drain) can and will get clogged from time to time. And when it does... THAT'S why there is water dripping from your A/C.

Depending on where your A/C unit is located, the dripping water can cause a mess and often times damage to walls and floors surrounding it. Remember, gravity is one law that water will rarely break.

The best way to reduce the chances of this happening is periodic maintenance. By that I mean more than just changing the air filter.

Call today to schedule  maintenace on YOUR A/C system today.



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